Tommy: Stop blaming somebody else

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
March 17, 2017 - 11:37 am
I HATE losing my temper. I hate losing my temper so badly that once I do, I get angry that I got angry; and you can see where that could rapidly spin out of control.

I lost my temper on Friday with a caller, “Deborah from the Westbank."  She shall heretofore be referred to as Deb.  Deb patronizingly laughed at me as we were discussing health care, but that’s not what caused me to get angry.  This is:

Listen to my conversation with Deborah HERE.

It seems as though some HATE people that are rich. They don’t like folks that own companies. They ASSUME small business people they work for are hoarding all the profits for themselves.  I would hazard to guess the haters have never completed a junior achievement project let alone owned a business.

I can’t even imagine the brass it takes to grab ‘em and sink everything you have into a business. The pressure must be inordinate, knowing that the success of your business means the difference between keeping or losing your home and everything else you’ve worked hard to acquire. So, it seems to me, to take that kind of risk you have to be deeply committed to a vision and to goals. As a result you put EVERYTHING you have into the endeavor to make sure it succeeds. Plus, there’s a payroll to meet. Payroll is a nice business term, but what it really means is mamas and daddies that depend on you to feed and clothe their families.  People who start their own business and decide to make their own way are, unless they screw it up for lack of effort, right up there with the people I respect most. They are for the most part bold, courageous, disciplined forward thinkers. Those are the kind of people that built this country and its economy.

What angers me, though, are people like Deb who think anyone who has any wealth should immediately share it with those who haven’t taken any risks, didn’t have any ideas and think as forward as next Tuesday.  Deb dawlin’, not everyone is meant to be rich.  But, if you do your best to be your best, chances are you can carve out a decent life in this country. Millions already have and I’m sure millions more will.  I have. All of my friends have.  

But you can’t sit around and expect everybody who achieves to take care of you. You can’t expect everybody in the country to have the same things. If a pediatric cardiologist made the same as an electrician or laborer or social worker or a restaurant owner….who would do those things?  Why would you better yourself and incur tens of thousands in student debt to make the same amount as someone who didn’t?

Oh, and if you think altruistic reasons are enough, it still won’t work.  It's been tried and has failed numerous times. When all of the wealth goes into a collective trust to be shared equally, the bureaucrats in position of authority skim and steal until they’re wealthy.  If you don’t believe me, Google Vladimir Putin’s net worth.

Deb told me she would have to work three part time jobs to equal full time employment.  I offered her a chance to tell the vast listening audience of WWL what type of work she was looking for and what qualifications she had. She declined. That’s sad because we’ve found jobs before for people down on their luck in that exact way before.

It was only a brief call and I don’t really know Deb, but I think some people struggle their whole lives blaming others for something they don’t have.  That’s a shame because the opportunity is there. It’s not free and it’s not easy; but if you work hard and sacrifice, I believe you can carve out a decent life for yourself in America. But you have to start somewhere.  The first step is to stop blaming somebody else.
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