Tommy: Should anyone go to jail over Maxwell Gruver’s death?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
October 13, 2017 - 6:07 am

When our phones start ringing at 6am and don’t stop until 10, it means one of two things:  We’re talking about something everybody’s interested or we’re selling WWL merchandise on QVC at a reduced price.  This Thursday morning it turned out to the former.  We started talking about the death of 18 year-old Maxwell Gruver who was pledging Phi Delta Theta fraternity.  He died with a blood alcohol content of .495, which is rarely seen, after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol as part of his initiation.  I deliberately didn’t say “forced to drink excessive amount” because that was the issue we discussed today. Ten LSU students/Phi Delta Theta members were arrested for allegedly hazing this young man to death, with one facing an additional charge for negligent homicide.  Should anyone go to jail as a result of Maxwell Gruver’s death?

The results of our Paretti Jaguar Opinion Poll were overwhelmingly in support of jail time.  But who was really responsible.  Was it Maxwell, who was free to leave but chose to stay or the fraternity members who used peer pressure to get an 18 year old to drink, what turned out to be, a deadly amount of alcohol?

Everybody has an opinion, and I love the fact that I can give them a voice.  We have, in essence, a true marketplace of ideas.  Some of the points were better than others.  Then we got a call from Kaylie that made us ALL think of the incident in a different way.  You can hear her call here.

Caller on teaching your kids to be leaders, not followers

Thank you, Kaylee, and all of our callers and texters,  for sharing your thoughts, time and opinions with us. 

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