Tommy: The political theater around William Barr and Robert Mueller

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
May 02, 2019 - 11:11 am


That’s the way I feel about the William Barr testimony, the letter from Mueller to the Attorney General and the histrionics that have been the result.  From Lindsay Graham’s opening statement referring to Hillary Clinton smashing computers with hammers to Kamala Harris acting as if she was in a compelling courtroom melodrama, I knew this was going to be show business at its finest and politics at its worst.

Here we go:

When the 4 page Barr summation was released, I said I doubted that he, the Attorney General, had lied.  Because, my reasoning went, if he did, he’d be called on it by Robert Mueller.  We learned from the leaked letter (by someone on the Mueller team?) just before Barr’s appearance that the Special Prosecutor took issue with some of the language used in Barr’s summary.  Lawyers disagreeing on the wording of a document.  When has THAT ever happened before? C’MON MAN!

Some of the post-appearance comments were that the Attorney General was acting as the President’s de facto personal lawyer by refusing to charge the President with obstruction.  The special prosecutor submitted the report.  William Barr thought the results of the investigation didn’t warrant prosecution.  THAT EXACT SCENARIO plays out hundreds, if not thousands, of times EVERY DAY in U.S Attorney’s and District Attorney’s offices all over the United States.  It isn’t proof of anyone “selling one’s soul”; it’s simply the way the system works.  Somebody has to make the call.  The highest law enforcement authority in our country is the Attorney General.  He made it. C’MON MAN!

Some melodramatic Senators on the committee were terribly upset that in the time between the release of Barr’s summary and the release of the Mueller Report President Trump had time to manipulate the message via the use of the media.  REALLY?  Did you see anyone on CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. say “Well, that’s over.”  The President is a fine man who did nothing wrong.  Did you see anyone on Fox News reporting about new evidence indicating the President was less than honest?  I didn’t.  I don’t think the Barr summation changed anything as it relates to the media’s treatment, both good and bad, of the President. C’MON MAN!

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris seized the chance to boost her presidential hopes by attempting to gain a “gotcha” moment when the Attorney General said he hadn’t reviewed all of the evidence that Robert Mueller turned up.  That’s a big deal? If there was any evidence that would indicate the President had done anything criminally wrong, would Mueller have presented it?  Are you now telling me that Robert Mueller is protecting Trump?  Remember, he was the Special PROSECUTOR.  C’MON MAN.

Finally, if you rely on the Attorney General’s summation as your reference source on the Mueller investigation, SHAME ON YOU. If you’re genuinely concerned that mischief is afoot, TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT FOR YOURSELF. Anything else is assigning your judgement and opinion to someone else. That’s fine if you’re willing to do it, but please don’t complain and use words like “misleading” or “mischaracterization” without having the information to back it up.  C’MON MAN!!

Okay, one more finally.  The Mueller Report is on the best seller’s list.  NOBODY should be able to profit from this.  While the report is available online, it should have been printed by the U.S. government and distributed to Post Offices around the country where a free copy would be made available to anybody that wanted one.  Not everybody has the internet and not everyone can afford to print some 450 pages. I know I couldn’t.  Cost? Look at the money wasted to print the Congressional Record, the equivalent of an old timey telephone book that is read by NO ONE.

Seems to me the government could have and should have done that within a week of its release.  C’MON MAN!!

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