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Tommy: John McCain is a beacon of civility

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
July 20, 2017 - 12:21 pm

People are born every day. People get sick every day. People die every day. My daughter, when she was young, asked me why people had to die. As gently as I could, I explained that it’s the cycle of life.  Flowers don’t last forever, animals don’t last forever and the same goes for people.  Besides, I told her, we wouldn’t want that because, however beautiful flowers, animals and people ARE, the world would be entirely too crowded as the new merged with the old.

John McCain is NOT dead.  He IS in for the fight of his life. That’s saying something for a man who’s seen his share of adversity. Republican or Democrat, white or black, old or young, I think human compassion would dictate civility and decency when something like this happens. Don’t get me wrong. That’s not because he’s a Republican or white or whatever. It’s because he’s a human being.

I was disgusted reading the comments on social media after the news broke on Wednesday night.  Comments ranged from people saying they were glad he was dying to hoping he suffered to a simple “good riddance.” If not for purposes of civility and decency, you would think fear of karma would prevent folks from saying those sorts of things.  As for “good riddance,” I remind you Senator McCain has not gone to that big Senate chamber in the sky and, from what I know of the man, will fight with EVERYTHING HE HAS to delay that trip. He will also return to the Senate to weigh in on every issue until he can no longer physically or mentally do so. 

The mean spirited comments do make me wonder and worry about how united these states will be when my daughter reaches my age.  Sadly, I saw the same comments IMMEDIATELY and for WEEKS AFTER Steve Scalise was shot.  These aren’t just politicians; they’re politicians with families.  All of whom will be affected for a long time after.  To us, it’s a news story that’s faded until sadly they do.
Politicians are not above skewering. If their choices, their actions, their bad decisions are the source of their problems it’s open season.  Have at “wide stance” Larry Craig or David “diaper me” Vitter. Lord knows I have. But not when someone gets sick or shot.

I received a text today from a listener who said they felt under attack because of John McCain’s efforts to do away with the Jones Act. I don’t want to lose us in the weeds, but the Jones Act basically draws a distinction between law on dry land and law on a vessel.  The listener HATED McCain’s politics and policy and felt threatened by both, but they were still classy and human enough to add that prayers would be offered for the Senator’s complete recovery.  If we’re to survive and prosper as a country, I really do think that’s the type of attitude that needs to prevail if these states are to remain united.

Finally, I played a sound bite today from 2008.  It happened at a town hall meeting when a woman rose to accuse Barack Obama of being an “Arab.” Here’s the exchange:

McCain exchange.mp3

That was “way” back in 2008.  It’s amazing to me how relatively courteous and civil the tone was compared to today.  That’s leadership.  That’s honesty.  That’s not win at all costs.  Get well soon, Senator.

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