Tommy: A Farewell to Bill Capo, Nice Words for a Nice Man

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
March 05, 2017 - 7:11 am
I think it was either Mother Theresa, Hawkeye on MASH or both who once said "you don't have to do something spectacular to change the world. You can change it with one little act of kindness at a time". Come to think of it I've probably butchered the quote so badly I could take credit for it. But that's not the point.  What is the point is that New Orleans TV is losing not only a broadcasting legend, but a man who did change the part of the world with which he came into contact.  That man is Bill Capo.

I can't remember a time when Bill Capo WASN'T on New Orleans television.  Some of the stronger memories are of his coverage of the jet that crashed in Kenner or that thing that crashed into all of our lives...Katrina. But while he is an excellent reporter, Bill set himself apart because he helped people.  Granted, it was his job, or his "beat," at Channel 4 as the Action Reporter to do just that; but after talking to Bill, you soon realize he probably would have done it for free.

We've all seen his reports. Somebody notifies Bill of a Sewerage and Water Board leak, a blighted house, a pothole that has attained wonder of the world proportions, or any of the many nuisances that tend to drive us crazy on a daily basis. Then mysteriously, magically, majestically the thing that had been making a neighborhood miserable for years would be fixed, cleaned up or removed.

Although those things weren't in our neighborhood or even in our parish, I think Bill's segments gave us all hope. They made us all think that we had a chance when fighting a multi layered bureaucracy.  We really don't without Bill but it was nice to think that we did.  

Bill's last day at Channel Four was on Friday. He was busy, but in typical Bill style was nice enough to spend an hour with us so the audience could call in and thank him for helping them, for being such a good reporter and for just being Bill. I'm sorry if you didn't have a chance to get on with him but the phones were as jammed as if we were giving away hot concert tickets. But even if he didn't get to hear it from you, and his hallmark is humility, I think he knows what he meant to New Orleans.  

If you didn't get a chance to listen, check out the podcast HERE.

Bill's next stop? Tour guide school.  I can think of nothing better for him to do in his semi-retirement.  Now new people will daily get to meet and know the Bill Capo that we've known for over 30 years.  Good luck Bill. We'll miss ya.  There is just one thing, though. Could you get your new employer to add a pothole tour?

Tucker oooooouuuuuuutttttttt
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