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Tommy: Emotional support animal or service animal?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
January 27, 2020 - 10:53 am

Rabbits and cats and birds, oh my!!  But it gets even worse. How about miniature horses, pigs, a peacock in full plumage or perhaps a pit bull that will attack another passenger. 

It’s all happened before. Those are some of the companion/emotional support animals passengers have taken with them on flights. Well except for the peacock. Common sense thankfully prevailed there.

The Department of Transportation is taking comments on a new proposal that would allow airlines to limit service animals to two per passenger and require that they check in an hour earlier than other passengers. Airlines think people are claiming pets as emotional support animals in order to avoid paying additional fees. What’s the difference between a service animal and a companion animal? Do the rules only apply to airlines?

David Favre, a Professor of Law at Michigan State University, spent some time with us as we discussed terminology and policy. It was pretty interesting stuff.

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