Tommy: Is the Electoral College fair?

I don't think so.

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
April 05, 2019 - 1:49 pm

We had a spirited discussion today about the Electoral College. Should it stay, or should it go? Is it fair? What did the Founding Fathers say? Does it favor one party over the other?

Whenever we have a conversation about the Electoral College, it turns very partisan and very emotional very quickly. The passion, partisanship and emotion, for the most part, tends to be in favor of keeping the Electoral College as it is. I think that’s based on winning elections. My opinion leans more towards every vote counting, and I don’t think that happens with the current system.

Somehow the conservative narrative has become “if you do away with the Electoral College, the libs (that’s what I hear and read from the texts) are going to decide who runs the country. Philosophically the “libs” are entitled to be heard and their votes counted; but then again, so are the conservatives.

In 2016, in CALIFORNIA ALONE, more people voted for then candidate Trump than in Alaska, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, Utah, and Kansas (all states he won) combined. Soooo….please explain to me how millions of votes in favor of Trump counted. Let’s take it a step further and leave parties out of it. If Candidate A receives 800,000 votes and Candidate B receives 800,012 votes, ALL of that state’s Electoral College votes would go to Candidate B. How can you possibly make the case that Candidate A's votes counted at all?

All but two states have a winner-take-all policy when it comes to the Electoral College. It would seem more representative, if you want to keep the Electoral College, to award the Electors proportionately to the popular vote. That, I think, would also motivate red voters to turn out when they know their state is going blue or blue voters to turn out when they know their state is going red.

As it stands now, Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College because they think it’s helped elect Republican presidents. I wonder if they’d feel the same way if their candidate WON the Electoral College but lost the popular vote? Or would Republicans be so resistant to change if their candidate had won the popular vote and LOST the Electoral College?

I guess fairness is in the eye of the winner.

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