Tommy: Kavanaugh controversy brings lots of questions, but are there answers?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
October 03, 2018 - 1:22 pm

Talk about an onion. As the Judge Kavanaugh/Doctor Ford discussion continues, it seems as every day brings with it another layer of consideration. What started as a “he said, she said” has now evolved, or devolved, into many questions. For example:

  • Did Senator Feinstein delay the disclosure of Dr. Ford’s letter to protect her privacy or to time its release to delay the confirmation process? If she did delay it, does that necessarily make the accusations false?
  • Was the letter leaked on purpose or was it accidental?
  • Did Brett Kavanaugh assault Christine Ford?
  • Did something happen between the two that is between their two recollections?
  • Does it matter how old he was at the time? Do bad decisions and bad behavior as a teenager outweigh a spotless record as an adult?
  • Who was more credible before the Senate Judiciary Committee – Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh?
  • Is visible outrage a glimpse into a person’s temperament to sit on the highest court in the land or was Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony simply reflecting the outrage that any of us would feel after being wrongly accused?
  • Was Dr. Ford really just acting during her testimony? Could this REALLY be part of Democratic conspiracy to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation?
  • Why would Dr. Ford put herself through all of the scrutiny if she was just making it all up?
  • Did SOMETHING happen to Dr. Ford but did it have anything to do with Judge Kavanaugh?
  • Could Dr. Ford have issues and all of this is an artificial construct in her mind? That she really BELIEVES it happened but it didn’t?
  • What about Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar? The characterization of certain terms that are direct contradiction to their vernacular meaning?
  • Does it matter how much he drank in college if he’d been investigated by the FBI six times previously and nothing was discovered that would impugn his character?
  • If Judge Kavanaugh intentionally misstated his behavior as a teen or college student would that in and of itself preclude him being confirmed?
  • Will any of this actually affect his confirmation, or is it all about a Republican majority? Just as the Democrats are AGAINST him no matter what, are the Republicans FOR him no matter what?
  • Will or has anything affected your own personal views? Are you FOR him because you’re a conservative and AGAINST him because you’re a liberal?
  • Whose life has been ruined? Judge Kavanaugh? Dr. Ford? Both? Neither?
  • Who’s the real victim here?
  • Are questionable accusations enough to torpedo a nomination and if so, what will payback look like?
  • What should the standard of proof should be? Beyond a reasonable doubt? Something less? Something more?
  • Some key Republican senators have big problems with President Trump’s ridiculing Dr. Ford at a rally. Should offensive remarks by the President have any influence at all on their vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh?

Those are just some of the questions. Do you have any of the answers? I hope so because I sure don’t.

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