Tommy: In accusations against Kavanaugh, who gets the benefit of the doubt?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
September 19, 2018 - 3:46 pm

There are TWO big issues sweeping the country. First you have the Kavanaugh, Blasey Ford conflict. Then there’s the Bert and Ernie issue.

Please allow me to address the latter first. THEY’RE PUPPETS PEOPLE. AMALGAMS OF TERRY CLOTH AND COTTON. THEY’RE INANIMATE. THEY CAN NEITHER THINK NOR BREATHE. LET IT GO!!!! And don’t you dare bring up hand placement because that happens with EVERY puppet.

Now for the more serious issue. There are MANY prisms through which the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as made by Dr. Christina Blasey Ford, can be viewed. Gender, the definition of sexual assault and politics are just a few. These are my observations viewed through my “Law and Order” prism and not one that is shaped from anything but a desire to find the truth.

Sexual abuse of ANY type, at ANY time, speaks to someone’s character. As it relates to Judge Kavanaugh, some arguments have been made that 35 years ago is a loooong time and that people can change. I don’t think they do. And I certainly don’t think they would change after just one assault. Do you see where I’m going here? I believe that if Judge Kavanaugh was guilty of the alleged behavior, others besides Dr. Ford would have come forward.

I think Dr. Ford should be heard from. She has been afforded that opportunity to testify, under oath, before the Senate Judiciary committee. She’s refused unless an FBI investigation is conducted. Her refusal to testify makes me doubt the veracity of her accusations. I also think an FBI investigation is unnecessary and unwarranted.

Those opposed to Brett Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court Justice have no doubt already looked through his past desperately, trying to uncover ANYTHING that would make him look bad. If they had found anything, we’d know about it by now. There’s also an important political consideration. If the FBI, who, one would assume, are not fans of the Trump administration, drags its feet the investigation could linger until the midterms and might possibly affect the results. If the GOP loses the Senate, Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed; and conservatives lose the chance to give the Supreme Court the lean to the right they desire.

I’ve fielded TONS of calls that take into the question of what constitutes sexual assault: maybe she was drunk, teenagers fool around, boys will be boys, etc. But I think that point is moot. Judge Kavanaugh says he was never at THAT party or any other like it. No matter what happened then, if Brett Kavanaugh was there, he’s lying NOW; and that, to me, makes him ineligible to serve on the nation’s highest court.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. The only two or three people that will ever know what really happened are Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford and Mark Judge (not to be confused with MIKE Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame). So I guess it comes down to the benefit of the doubt. I initially gave that to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. After her refusal to testify, I have to shift that benefit to Judge Kavanaugh.

What do you think?

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