Scoot: Trump comments on CNN host’s F-bomb attack!

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
August 14, 2019 - 9:52 am

Should an F-bomb-laced verbal attack in retaliation against a public insult make an individual unworthy of owing a gun? 

That is the question raised by President Trump’s comment about CNN host Chris Cuomo’s F-bomb tirade after a group of men called him “Fredo” – a reference to the slacker brother in The Godfather movies.

While with his wife and daughter, Chris Cuomo reacted to someone calling him “Fredo” by threatening to throw one man down to stairs and fired off a series of F-bombs as he challenged the men after the ethnic insult.  Cuomo is Italian and was personally offended by the comment.

Cuomo likened calling an Italian person “Fredo” to using the N-word.   I understand that the reference to “Fredo” in The Godfather movies would be perceived as degrading – I disagree that the reference is comparable to using the N-word.  The N-word carries such deep and dark history with it that I do not think it equals a derogatory reference to a fictional movie.

President Trump was quick to comment on Cuomo’s rant saying, “I think that what Chris Cuomo did was horrible.”  The President went onto say that “He looked like an out-of-control animal.” Trump made a point of saying the Cuomo “spews lies every night” and “I do not know why anyone would defend him.”  Finally, Trump said, “Chris Cuomo was so out of control that I would not want to see a weapon in his hand.”

Mr. President, I will defend Chris Cuomo as an American who has shown no sign of being too violent or mentally unstable to own a gun.  Maybe President Trump was just saying he wouldn’t want to see a “weapon in his hand,” but that suggests that he shouldn’t own a gun.

We have all gotten upset and most of us have delivered many profanity-laced comeback to insults.  People like Chris Cuomo have become targets of verbal attacks; and I don’t think anyone should be surprised when the person being attack is quick to return verbal fire – and that’s what Chris Cuomo did.

However, the other way to handle a situation where a public figure is verbally insulted would be to just ignore the insulters.  Often the best way to retaliate against a lesser person who feels the need to launch an insulting comment at someone is to ignore them since their goal is to get reaction. 

It’s not always easy to refrain from attacking back. But by not reacting, the person is robbed of their goal to get reaction.

It is also fair to point out that when President Trump introduced the idea that Chris Cuomo “spews lies every night” on CNN – that was a clear indication that Trump’s comment was personal.

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