It's Your Call: Do we need the border wall with Mexico?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
October 11, 2018 - 10:33 am

Local, live and lively conversations with you.  That’s what we do every morning as we talk about things in the news and give you a chance to call in and express your opinion.  On this edition of IYC (It’s Your Call) we’re talking about THE WALL between US and Mexico.  With all due apologies to Pink Floyd, I think we all may need some education.

I think there are at least three ways to approach whether we should build the wall or not.  First and foremost, will it be effective?  Secondly, what about the return on investment? And finally, what about the humanitarian aspect?  Who should get into the country and under what circumstances?

The estimated cost is $25 billion.  As a caller pointed out, it’s rare that ANY construction project, especially one this massive, would come in UNDER budget. So it’s likely to cost more. But what about the return on investment?

Well this is a little more complicated.  If it isn’t effective, it’s money down a hole, excluding, of course, the economic gains through temporary jobs to construct it.

If, however, it is effective, we can then move on to the ROI.  Estimates on the cost of illegal immigrants to the United States taxpayer vary wildly.  One organization, the libertarian Cato Institute,k puts it at $3.3 billion per year.  Another, the conservative Heritage Foundation, says it’s more like $130 billion.  You can do the math based on which you believe; but, again, it all depends on the efficacy of the wall.

So what about who gets into the country?  We have to maintain border security. Is the wall the best way or a boondoggle?  Will we ever know unless we build it? It seems patently unfair to treat those in the country illegally as those following the rules and waiting their turn.  I think it’s hard to say that’s any different than cutting the line at the Post Office or a grocery store.

We did have some varying opinions this morning which varied as widely as the estimated cost of illegal immigrants to the United States.  For example, Stu  was pretty harsh when it came to defending the border.

Then we heard from Alice, who was about 180 degrees removed from Stu.

Now IT’S YOUR CALL.  With whom do you agree?

Be sure to listen and call in between 6 and 10 tomorrow morning to wwlfirstnews with me Tommy Tucker because, after all, IT’S YOUR CALL!

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