Strief: Hey Cowboys - everything may be bigger in Texas, but the Saints are BETTER!

November 29, 2018 - 7:41 pm

13 years ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made the best decision in Saints history by letting Offensive Coordinator, Sean Payton, out of the building, and into the history of the New Orleans Saints.  Jones has long been one of the most innovative owners in football, his circus like Jerry’s World, site of tonight’s game, a great example of such. 

Yet, nowhere in football has innovation reigned supreme, like it has in the Big Easy.  An offense built to dominate the NFL landscape of today, executed to perfection by our aging, yet ageless quarterback, has long been the envy of organizations league wide.  Simply put, the Saints this year, are playing in a different stratosphere.  Not to say victory will come easily. 

The Cowboys have the NFL’s leading rusher in Ezekiel Elliott and a stout defense ranking 4th in points given up.  Demarcus Lawrence, the Cowboys leader in sacks, has oddly enough called out the league’s most dominant offensive line and questioned whether they could match the intensity of the Cowboys front.  Well, there’s only one way to find out, Demarcus.  I’ve personally given up worrying about which Saints team will show up week to week.  After all, it appears there are not multiple Saints teams, only the dominant one. 

A Thursday night show down in big D featuring the Cowboys, and your New Orleans Saints begins shortly, so turn down the sound and sync up to tonight’s broadcast, Saints fans.  Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the Saints... are BETTER

Who Dat Nation - thanks for cheering on the Black & Gold with me and the Saints all-time leader in rushing TD’s, at least for another couple hours, Deuce McAllister…on the New Orleans Saints Radio Network. 

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