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Will Saints offense roll the Ravens?

Baltimore has the top ranked defense, but who have they played?

Steve Geller
October 19, 2018 - 9:18 am

There is a saying that “stats never lie”, but it that the truth? Heading into the Saints week 7 match-up against the Ravens, Baltimore’s defense is ranked #1 in the NFL allowing just 271 yards and 13 points per game. But, check out their schedule! They’ve only faced 2 top tier offenses so far and lost to the Bengals, but did beat the Steelers. Other than that the Ravens D has taken on the likes of the:

Buffalo Bills (13 points per game / 31st in the NFL)

Denver Broncos (24 ppg / 19th)

Cleveland Browns (21 ppg / 24th)

Tennessee Titans (14.5 ppg / 30th)

None of those teams come close to the production of the Saints. The Black & Gold are putting up video game like numbers once again averaging 36 points, which is #1 in the league ahead of the Chiefs and Rams.

I guess the flip side to that is that New Orleans has only faced one defense in the upper echelon of the league so far, but passed that test with flying colors. The Washington Redskins defense is giving up 21 ppg on average (9th best in the league), and they got torched for 42 points in the Superdome.

I know the Saints are 1-5 vs. the Ravens all-time and Sean Payton and Drew Brees have never beaten Baltimore. But, what does that have to do with this year?  From what I’ve seen this week from the Black & Gold coming off the bye week, they look like a rested bunch that is loose, confident and ready to hit the road. To me this Black & Gold squad has shown steady improvement week-to-week so I see them coming back from Baltimore winners of 5 straight. Final score Saints 27 Ravens 20


Drew Brees needs just one more touchdown pass to hit the 500 mark in his career. He would join Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in to 500 club.

Also, if the Saints do win Sunday, Brees will have a victory against EVERY team in the NFL. The only other 2 QBs to have accomplished that feat is Favre and Manning.



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