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Superman Taysom Hill provides game changing spark for Saints

Steve Geller
December 10, 2018 - 9:26 am

Look, on the field! It’s a QB…it’s a WR…it’s a special teamer.  NO! It’s Taysom Hill.  Sometimes you hear NFL analysts say a guy is “just a football player”, and that’s certainly applies to Hill. The “Mr. Do It All” helped lift the team out of the mud in Tampa with a blocked punt that ignited the Saints 28-14 comeback:

After the game, Hill was quick to point out he had help from one of his Black & Gold brothers on the uplifting play.

“When you get to rush next to Alex Okafor, it makes your job really easy,” Hill said. “There were a few looks we looked at and saw during the week and we were able to run a little game. Coach Westhoff gives us the freedom to do emergency calls like that. AO and I saw it, so we went for it. He draws so much attention that he took both the wing and the tackle and I got up there early.”

After the blocked punt the Saints needed just 5 plays to march into the endzone. The switch was flipped and the scoring seal was broken as you could feel the winds of change coming.  The Black & Gold totaled 25 points after the block while the Bucs never put up another score.

“We’ve all been a part of football for a really long time and you can point back to various games where there’s that one moment, there’s that one play, where the momentum shifted and the other team was never able to get it back,” Hill said smiling. “I’m not surprised that that play triggered momentum the way that it did. It’s just trying to capitalize and make those plays when you get the opportunity.”

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