Steve: After Spiller release, Saints lead NFL in dead money

Steve Geller
September 14, 2016 - 7:26 am
Throw some more stacks of money into the Saints dead cap furnace. After releasing running back CJ Spiller, the franchise has added $4.5 million dollars of dead cap space this year, and also $2.5 million in 2017. 
The $40 million dollar total of dead money this year is tops in the NFL. Coming in a distant 2nd with $28 million in dead cash is the franchise many consider the worst run in football... the Cleveland Browns.  

What did the Saints get for their money out of Spiller? 112 rushing yards and 239 receiving with 2 scores.
What ended up being Sean Payton's reason for Spiller's dismissal? 

"This guy’s a phenomenal guy and teammate," said Payton.  "I think he’s going to have an opportunity sooner rather than later with another club, and yet, the window in this building or this club is not definitely closed. Obviously, last season was frustrating because he dealt with the injury in training camp. I think he is ahead of where he was a year ago and gotten better than he was a year ago and yet it just became a challenge for us when we were looking at actives and roles and that was really it.”
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