Skinny arms & legs doesn’t mean Saints WR Tre'Quan Smith lacks strength

Steve Geller
June 12, 2020 - 2:21 pm

Year three in the NFL is looked at as a critical season for players since they’ve had time to get established with their teams and have a better understanding of what it truly takes to be a pro. 

All eyes will be on Saints wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith in 2020.  He had a predictable up & down season as a rookie in 2018, then was bothered by an ankle injury last season that he suffered in week 2.

While he’s only caught 46 passes for 661 yards in two seasons, assistant head coach / tight end coach Dan Campbell said that Smith does a lot of the little things that go unnoticed and still has a lot of “meat on the bone” to grow as a wide receiver. One of his position coaches would agree.

“He’s a unique player. Everybody falls into a roll,” said receivers coach Ronald Curry. “He’s a special player, he just needs some opportunities. A lot of people give us slack about needing guys because Mike Thomas gets all of the balls.  But, Mike Thomas is a hell of a player and Tre'Quan kind of gets slighted. It’s not that we don’t have a good guy on the other side, it’s that Mike Thomas gets a lot of passes.”

Besides being a speedy depth threat, Smith is also a solid blocker; which does not show up on the stat sheet. Many considered the 6ft2, 210 pounder out of UCF the best blocking WR in the 2018 class.

“Tre’Quan has skinny legs and skinny arms, but he is stronger than you think,” Curry said.  “He is smart, he’s knows the game of football, its means something to him, and he puts in the work.”

While blocking abilities go unnoticed by most fans, touchdowns do not.  Smith has scored 5 in each of his first two seasons and heated up at the end of last season scoring three times in the final four games. His main question going into this year is can the Saints count on him for the entire season.

“He just needs to continue to play football, continue to get opportunities, fix his stance,” explained Curry. “I think once he fixes his stance he’ll be little more explosive.”




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