Sean Payton says Saints QB Drew Brees to have 2nd opinion

Steve Geller
September 16, 2019 - 2:05 pm

Earlier reports of Saints quarterback Drew Brees needing surgery for a torn ligament in the thumb on his throwing hand are a tad premature according to head coach Sean Payton.

“They are still in the midst of evaluating it. He’s had one opinion, he’s having a second opinion,” stated head coach Sean Payton. “As soon as we know something that we can confirm, then we’ll report it. But, right now, that is kind of the stage we are in.”

So, does that mean there is a chance Brees could play Sunday in Seattle? Or will Teddy Bridgewater be leading the team under center?

"I’m not going into the hypothetical,” Payton answered. “We’ll have a plan either way.”

Losing a star player for any amount of time can derail a team, but Payton remains confident that his squad is well equipped to deal with any scenario. Even if Brees is forced out of the lineup.

“You focus on the things that you can control and I think that this is where you lean on leadership,” said Payton. “You get ready to have a good week of practice. It’s kind of the nature of our life sometimes. You come in on a Monday and you’ve got a handful of things you’re having to address and that’s part of the deal.”


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