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Saints sophomore safety Vonn Bell a breakout candidate for 2017?

Steve Geller
August 12, 2017 - 6:54 pm


The song “Ring My Bell” will forever remind me of running Mike Bell thanks to one of the Cajun Cannon’s postgame shows during the 2009 season. Bell would lower the BOOM on defenses in the 2nd half against defenses which were gassed from Dr. Drew Brees dissecting them. The tune could get resurrected again this year if Vonn Bell winds up playing like he’s been practicing. 

“Safeties got to make big hits, big plays. So just want to make the impact plays; those splash plays the coach is looking for.”

Bell enters his 2nd season with the team and has definitely helped bring a new attitude to the defense which needs any kind of improvement. They Fleur Di Lis D ranked 27th overall a year ago. A decent 14th vs. the run, but any QB seemed to be able to pick apart the worst passing defense in the NFL…that’s #32!

“Everything on defense has been about the 3 and outs, the 3 and longs; just getting off the field. And, just in those situational games the defense has to put it on their shoulders. Get off the field and get the ball back to the offense. So it’s a lot on us, we’re going to step up to the challenge and we’re going to take that.”

Good to know though that Bell has his Black & Gold brotherhood to lean on. He got to go through his rookie campaign with a great mentor who was an 11 year vet. Does Bell still talk to Roman Harper?

“For sure, that’s my guy,” as a big smile took over Bell’s face. “I texted him the other day. I fell down, but he picked me back up. We watched film together. I still look at him as a brother.”

Bell has another brother to lean on right next to him on the field in Kenny Vaccaro.  The 2 are working on being more interchangeable this season to throw off offenses. Vaccaro is another heavy hitter who looks for contact. Do they have any kind of friendly competition when it comes to laying out the lasting licks?

“Oh, we just want the ball,” says Bell. “We just want to make plays.”

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