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Reggie Bush says fans in L.A. nothing like New Orleans

Who Dats love for Saints unmatched

Steve Geller
January 19, 2019 - 6:39 am

If you don’t know, then you just don’t know that New Orleans has the best football fans around. It seems to just be part of folks DNA here. It’s hard to believe that other places aren’t in love with their team as much as Who Dats are, but we hear time and time again how different the relationship is between the fans and their football team is here.

You have felt the excitement for the NFC title game between the Saints and Rams building all week, but we wanted to get an idea of what Los Angeles has been like. Are they are going football crazy as we are just one game away from going to the Super Bowl?

Former Black & Gold running back Reggie Bush resides out West and joined Zach Strief & Deuce McAllister on Fans & the Pros to paint a picture of the atmosphere in L.A.  

“It’s nothing like New Orleans, I’ve seen a couple of people wearing t-shirts out here,” said Bush. “New Orleans is a football town. They go hard for their football because they love football. LSU and the Saints are kind of like their babies.  But, the energy out here is nothing like what you’re going to get in New Orleans. New Orleans is a very special place, it’s a very unique place. It’s a football first town.”

Bush went on, “Los Angeles is not like that, Los Angeles has a ton of other things going on. Not to say the fans aren’t excited about the game. But, when you talk about the passion; like I’m watching clips of people in the streets in New Orleans dancing, big parties and stuff going on getting ready for the game, you’re not going to get any of that out here.”   

Hear more from Bush on Sunday’s match-up here:

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