Saints RB coach on Kamara "his 75% might be somebody else’s 100%"

Steve Geller
June 15, 2020 - 2:43 pm

 It wasn’t hard to see that Alvin Kamara was not himself last season. The running back dealt with injuries for the bulk of the year, but is working to being back in full-form.

“Whether it was a back, a knee, an ankle; he battled though it the best that he could,” said running back coach Joel Thomas about Kamara’s 2019 campaign. “I know at times people took it as something else, but the guy is the ultimate competitor. He wants to be out there to help the team and help us win. Bottom line, his 75% might be somebody else’s 100% and that’s why he was out there, still trying to go and play and put his best foot forward.”

A game AK41 was able to put that best foot forward came in Seattle; which just so happened to be at a key time. Drew Brees had just sustained a thumb injury the previous week and Teddy Bridgwater was filling in at quarterback. Nobody gave the Brees-less Black & Gold a chance in the Seahawks house, but Kamara helped quiet Seattle’s “12th man” to make sure New Orleans was heading home with a victory.

“That was vintage Alvin Kamara football right there;” said Thomas about AK’s 2 TD outing with 161 combined yards. “Whether it was pass protection, whether it’s a run, whether it’s a receptions, whether it’s a make you miss out in space, whether it’s a make you miss in a tight box, running through defensive ends, making linebackers miss. That was a complete game.”

If you follow Kamara on social media, you will see some unique ways he goes about getting his mind and body ready to play football. The 2017 3rd round draft pick has extra motivation to be in the best shape of his life since this is the final year of his rookie deal.   

“I always liken him to; he’s kind of a cat. He is always landing on his feet,” Said RB coach Thomas about AK’s workout posts. “He’s always trying to find ways to tweak and find ways to be cutting edge.  Yet, it’s something that’s going to make him, in our offense, better.”

In a down year where he was banged up, Kamara still rushed for 797 yards, five touchdowns, and caught 81 passes for 533 yards with another score in 14 games. Getting back to being one of the best backs in football, along with attaining that elusive championship and a new contract should be all the 24-year-old needs to push him to even greater heights in 2020. 

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