New Orleans-based "Fighting Cancer" flag football team wins $1 million championship

Steve Geller
July 20, 2018 - 8:39 am

There is already one championship football team in New Orleans this year. 

A local squad called Fighting Cancer won the American Flag Football League championship, defeating Godspeed 26-6. They take home $1 million dollars after being the last group left standing out of 127 other teams.

QB/DB Darrell "Housh" Doucette led Fighting Cancer to the win, tossing 242 yards and two TDs. He also sprinted to chase down an opponent, making a diving flag pull in the second half to prevent a TD. 

“We said before this game started, leave everything on the field. No matter what the situation is, leave it all on the field,” said Doucette.

Team Fighting Cancer is composed of amateurs, but the "average Joe's" managed to take down the pros in the finale.  Their opponents on Team Godspeed were made up of former track athletes and NFL players like QB Seneca Wallace, RB Justin Forsett and DB Jacoby Jones. 

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