Cam Jordan leading Saints defensive charge against Minshew Mania

Steve Geller
October 11, 2019 - 11:50 am

To start the season, week 6’s matchup for the Saints in Jacksonville appeared to be a contest between two Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks. But, Drew Brees and Nick Foles are currently working their way back from injures, so the Black & Gold and Jaguars are rolling with their back-ups.

The Saints have an experienced signal caller in Teddy Bridgewater taking over, while the Jags had to turn to a 6th round draft pick out of Washington State. Gardner Minshew didn’t drown when thrown into the deep end though.  He isn’t just treading water either, as he leads all rookie QBs with 9 touchdowns passes and just one interception.

“He’s done a heck of a job; the way he scrambles, the way he extends plays,” said Saints All Pro defensive end Cameron Jordan.  “This is one of, I wouldn’t even say one of the fastest quarterbacks, because you look at his 40-time and he’s not rolling like that. But, at the end of the day he is. He’s playing faster on film then what you’d be accustomed to with somebody who is supposed to run the way he is.”

Jordan is also in some heavy competition with Minshew’s mustache game.  Jaguars fans, and for that matter the entire NFL, has become enamored with the rookie signal caller’s style and swagger. 

“Uncle Rico! I think he’s embraced that, right?” said Jordan on Jacksonville’s new hero.  “They’ve got Lin-Sanity, I mean Minshew Mania. Everybody’s got their gimmick. But, this kid is riding high right now. He’s playing at an above expected level.”


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