Alvin Kamara believes Brees-less Saints still a contender

Steve Geller
September 18, 2019 - 11:58 pm

Drew Brees is out for an extended period of time, but the sky is not falling in Saints land. The players still seem to have the same swagger about them as the get ready to take on the 2-0 Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday.

“Drew’s down, we all know that. But, we still have the same coaching staff, the same guys calling plays,” said running back Alvin Kamara. “I don’t feel like Sean’s down. Sean’s ready for the challenge. It is what it is, we’ve got to keep moving.”

That is not how most of the national media feels though. They see a team without their Hall-of-Fame quarterback along with a defense that has struggled once again to start the season.  For many, the Saints have gone from Super Bowl favorites to playoff pretenders.  

“I’ve seen a lot, people sending me things,” Kamara said. “I don’t really care what’s going on outside, nobody’s in this locker room, nobody’s on that field with us every day practicing, nobody’s on the field when we’re playing on Sundays, it’s just us. For me to really focus on what people are saying, or fans or people doubting; they can keep their doubts. I think I’ve got a pretty good memory and I’ve got a photogenic memory too. So, the people that are saying all that, talking all that; trust me I remember. So, don’t say good job later when it’s going good.”

Kamara was all smiles, but knows he needs to step up as one of the voices on offense now that there main leader is sidelined. There is no timetable for Brees’ return and Coach Payton would not speculate on a possible return date.  Until the thumb on #9’s hand heals, the Saints will need to prove they can win without him.  It’s just week 3, but Kamara was asked if he believes that their expectations are still Super Bowl.  He flashed that big smile again and replied, “Do I still have a Fleur-Di-Lis on my helmet? … Alright then.”

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