Alvin Gentry “so hurt” over national media’s comments about Pelicans & New Orleans

Steve Geller
May 20, 2019 - 1:21 pm

There’s been some good luck brewing for New Orleans of late following the NOLA No Call in the NFC championship game.  American Idol just crowned a winner, Laine Hardy, who is from Livingston, Louisiana, and the New Orleans Pelicans recently defied draft lottery odds to win the top pick in this year’s NBA draft...AKA - “the Zion Williamson sweepstakes."  But, while Louisiana was dancing over the idea of Zion flying high in the Smoothie King Center, the national media was filled with hate and distain.

One example is Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd.  He suggested that the Duke forward refuse to go to New Orleans, mentioning how Eli Manning among others, forced their way to different teams and that Zion should do the same thing:

Zion’s stepdad, Lee Anderson, would squash the notion of Williamson going back to college instead of entering the draft.  Anderson stated on ESPN radio in Baton Rouge that Zion is “excited” to play in New Orleans.

Pels coach Alvin Gentry spoke to the media this morning at the Saints Hall of Fame golf outing and is still beaming over the franchise’s good fortune.  He cannot talk about players specially, though, since they haven’t drafted anybody yet, unless the Pels want to pay the $50k fine for him. But, Gentry is confident the team is going to get a good player.

As for all the outside noise and trash talk about New Orleans and the Pelicans; Gentry laughed at all the haters.      

“Oh, I’m so hurt, just really hurt,” Gentry smiled as he responded sarcastically. “I’ll put our city up against any city in the United States. I’ll put up our fans against any fans in the United States.  And, you know what, we’ve got a great situation here.  We’re going to build a championship team regardless of what anybody, or that show or that show or that show think.”

Gentry continued to defend his team and the Crescent City, questioning the talking heads’ qualifications.

“The last time I checked I don’t think Colin (Cowherd); I don’t see him as being an expert in the basketball department.  So, it doesn’t really matter what any of those people say.  I know what we have here and I know what we have to offer.  And, I know what we’re doing as far as building a winning franchise here that’s going to be sustainable.”   


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