Alvin Gentry focused on future of Pelicans not his job security

Steve Geller
April 10, 2019 - 2:41 pm

Alvin Gentry has stood in front of the media all season long and always comes across as honest and genuine even as he went though a disastrous season as the head coach off the plummeting Pelicans. 

“It’s been tough, especially after the way we started the season; had great promise I thought. There’s been a little bit of everything. Obviously, the situation we all know about and the injury thing came about. It was not the season we anticipated.”

The situation Gentry speaks of is the face-of-the-franchise Anthony Davis asking to be traded mid-season. While Davis' future is still up in the air, so is Gentry's. The Pelicans are in search of a new general manager and once hired, he may want to put a new head coach in place.

"I'm going to be confident until they tell me I'm not coming back", Gentry said. "That is the only way I know how to approach it. That is the way I approach any job I've ever been in. I fell like I'm the coach and I'm going to be the coach until the tell me otherwise."

Gentry was hired to be the Pels head coach in 2015 and has led the team to a record of 145-183 in 4 seasons. If you listen to his entire post season press conference above, you'll hear him talk about his love for the city of New Orleans, through all the good and the bad he's dealt with.  



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