The Cajun Cannon unsure if Taysom Hill is a franchise QB


Taysom Hill  generated a ton of Black & Gold buzz in an interview with the Associated Press on Monday saying that he views himself as a franchise quarterback. The question is, will a team make the unrestricted free agent an offer that the Saints won’t match?

WWL's Bobby Hebert is a huge fan of the J.O.A.T. , Jack of all trades, but has not seen enough from Hill to know if he can be the guy leading an offense on every play.

"How can you?" explains Hebert.  "You say potential? You could say, 'oh, I'm a franchise quarterback'. But, I think you have to do something, you have to earn that right."

We saw the Saints franchise quarterback, Drew Brees, go down with a thumb injury last season and it was Teddy Bridgewater who stepped into the starting role. In the 5 games Brees would miss, Hill would throw a total of one pass and finished with 6 total passing attempts in 2019.

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