Robin Burrow talks son Joe's rise to greatness at LSU


By: Mark Menard

LSU has certainly seen its share of quarterbacks that only a mother could love. But those performances are ancient history after the season Joe Burrow put together in 2019, one of the best quarterbacking seasons in the annals of college football as a whole, not just in Baton Rouge.

But you can still learn a lot about a guy by talking to his mom, so that’s just what Kristian Garic did during a recent edition of WWL Radio’s Sports Talk.

Robin Burrow says her son had no choice but to develop the toughness that’s become one of his on-field trademarks.

I don’t know where it comes from. He’s always grown up around his six brothers, and although they were a lot older than him and there wasn’t a lot of roughhousing necessarily, he certainly grew up around people who expected him to pick himself up, dust himself off and move on.

She said while it was a big decision to leave Columbus for Baton Rouge, it was all in service of chasing the goal he’d harbored as long as he could remember.

I certainly think that the whole transfer experience was challenging for all of us and certainly a bit stressful, but he went through the process and took his time to figure out if he wanted to leave Ohio State, then took his time to figure out the best place for him to achieve his goals. His goal all along was to play for a team that could play for a national championship.

With preparations full-speed ahead for the NFL Draft, Joe Burrow will learn in just a couple of months where he’ll be plying his trade at the professional level. You can hear the full audio of Kristian’s conversation with Robin Burrow by clicking the podcast link.

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