Hebert: LSU QB Brennan already better than Burrow in one key area


By: Mark Menard

One of the big question marks swirling around the LSU Football Tigers and their chance to repeat as national champions is whether they can duplicate their 2019 success without outgoing senior quarterback and Heisman-winner Joe Burrow.

However, Bobby Hebert says Burrow's heir-apparent, longtime Tiger backup Myles Brennan, excels in at least one important category.

"All I know is Myles Brennan can spin it. He can throw the football," Hebert said. "Watching Myles Brennan purely throwing the football... I'm not talking about playing the quarterback position. I'm talking about purely throwing the football. [Brennan] can throw better than Joe Burrow, Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill. And look what we think of the quarterbacks, the talent we have with the Saints."

Hebert said while there may be other unknowns about Brennan's game, his pure passing ability is off the charts.

"I'm not talking about all the intangibles - how tough you are, how you can ad-lib," Hebert said. "I'm just talking about when you're going play pitch and catch on the field or in the back yard. I'm talking about just throwing the ball. That - he's unbelievable."

You can hear the full audio of Hebert's Brennan breakdown by clicking the podcast link.

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