Hebert and Strief sound off on Taysom Hill being future Saints QB


A report from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports got the Who Dat Nation's attention.  He claims that IF 41- year-old Drew Brees does decide to retire, that Taysom Hill is next in-line to be the future quarterback for the Saints.

"I generally take things that Jay Glazer reports about the Saints as truth," said the Voice of the Saints Zach Strief, who explained that Glazer and Coach Sean Payton are friends. "And so, I do believe the report. I do believe that's how the team sees Taysom. That he has the opportunity to become a franchise quarterback."

Strief added that he saw significant growth from Hill in his 3rd NFL season, but knows the Black & Gold still want Brees back for the 2020 season.

"I think Taysom made tremendous strides last year, and I'm not even talking so much about the season,” said Strief. “But, watching him during training camp and in the preseason,  as how far he's come as a quarterback, his accuracy has completely changed over the course of a couple of years. I think the game is changing and there's more evidence in the NFL that a guy like Taysom Hill, a slash type quarterback, can succeed. And, I do believe that, that Sean (Payton), Mickey (Loomis) and the team feel like Taysom could be that guy.  But, I also believe very strongly that none of them are in any hurry to push Drew Brees out the door.

Bobby Hebert is a big fan of the Saints Swiss Army knife, and everything he does for the team. But, hthe Cajun Cannon is unsure if Hill can handle the full-time load under center.

“You’ve heard me say this watching practice, OTAs, minicamp, training camp. Whoa, that throw was as good as it gets in the NFL,’ said the Cajun Cannon about Hill. “But, then you see one simple swing route or flat route go high & wide and it is not accurate. You cannot afford to do that, you’ve got to do it five or six times a game. I'm just saying you got to be consistent.”


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