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Could the Pelicans' season already be over?

NBA weighing a jump straight to the playoffs upon return


By: Mark Menard

As the NBA looks into ways to continue its 2019-20 season, it's starting to look like the Pelicans might be left out of the equation.

One proposal would have the NBA skipping right to the playoffs, and in the traditional format that means the top eight teams from each conference, putting the Pelicans just on the outside looking in.

While some have suggested seeding the top 16 teams regardless of conference, Oleh Kosel of TheBirdWrites.com says that's going to be a tough sell with half the league.

"I just feel like, with the Eastern Conference, they're gonna wanna protect what is obviously a weaker conference, and there just are better odds under the traditional format," Kosel said.

Kosel says it would be a shame for the city of New Orleans because the Pelicans had a very good chance of getting into the postseason if the regular season had been allowed to play out.

"All of the projections had the Pelicans finishing ahead of Memphis," Kosel said. "They didn't even care about that game discrepancy because of the difference in schedules for both teams. The Pelicans also were healthy, playing their best basketball of the season."

But he says that he doesn't think finishing the season as it was originally intended is an option anymore.

"Unfortunately I think that ship sailed when they decided the chances of finishing most if not all of the regular season schedule went out the window. That's why they're looking at all these other scenarios," Kosel said.

He does believe though that we'll see the NBA to close out the year in some fashion before all is said and done because the interest is there from sports fans.

"Look guys, I'm sure you probably watched or at least heard about the golf tournament this past weekend. Even non-golfers were talking about it. Tiger Woods, Phil and the two QBs everyone's kind of heard of before...drew like over 5 million people," Kosel said.

To hear the full interview of Kosel talking with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic on WWL's "Sports Talk," click the podcast link.

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