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Brees, Saints offense facing tall task against vaunted Niners pass rush

LISTEN: Drew Brees talks "QB To QB" with Bobby Hebert


By: Mark Menard

When the San Francisco 49ers pay the Saints a visit this Sunday, they’ll bring with them the NFL’s second-ranked defensive unit.

The Niners are giving up just 250 yards and just over 15 points a game, thanks in large part to their ability to pressure opposing quarterbacks.

They rank second in the NFL in sacks with 45, one behind the Carolina Panthers’ league-best 46, and they’re giving up an unfathomably low 135 passing yards per game.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees says its obvious just by looking at the roster why San Francisco has been so effective limiting their opposition’s air attacks.

“First off, you just look at their roster and look at their personnel on defense,” Brees said. “They’ve just got a bunch of great players. Five first-round picks on the D-line alone. Then you start going through the rest of their defense, and they play so well together. They’re so sound.”

Brees said the play of the 49er defense is a huge part of why they’re sitting tied with the Saints at 10-2 on the season.

“They’re big, tough, physical, and they can rush the passer, which is something that just jumps out on tape,” Brees said. “They’re able to get pressure with a four-man rush. They’re just playing really good football.”

Brees and the Saints host the 49ers Sunday at noon on WWL. Our coverage starts at 8am. You can hear the full audio of Bobby Hebert’s “QB To QB” chat with Drew Brees by clicking the podcast link.

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