Bobby's take: Brees is sincere, deserves forgiveness, needs to listen


By: Mark Menard

"That's what he had to do. If people expect more, what more do you want him to do?"

That was Bobby Hebert's opinion Thursday night when he opened up "Sports Talk" discussing the apology Drew Brees issued for his comments made during an interview with Yahoo! Finance.

"A lot of times, actions are better than words, but in this day and age you've got to choose your words carefully," Hebert said.

But he also said Brees's good work in the New Orleans community should earn him some leniency.

"To say Drew Brees is not a good guy or 'I don't accept his apology,' look at yourself in the mirror. If you ever made a mistake and you're sincere with your apology, do you want forgiveness or not?"

Hebert said it's important for everyone as Americans to be open with each other.

"If you're gonna be a true democracy with freedom, then you have to love one another and respect one another, and I think that's where we're at going forward," Hebert said. "When you think about it, there have really been deep wounds for centuries. But you cannot have a closed mind and say it's always gonna stay this way."

"As white men," Hebert said, "we have to comprehend what's going on, and we have to listen. You can say you don't view it that way or everyone has an opinion, but you have to be willing to expand your horizons and learn and make this a better country."

You can hear more of what Hebert had to say by clicking the podcast link.

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