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UTSA's Wilson: Davenport could be every-down star for Saints


When drafting a stud defensive lineman, the dream is that that player will develop into not just a situational player or a cog in the rotation, but rather into a player that can make an impact on every down. The Saints' 2018 first-round draft pick, defensive end Marcus Davenport, can be just that type of player according to his college coach at UT San Antonio Frank Wilson.

"I think he has those types of attributes," Wilson said. "I think his greatest strength is to be able to rush a quarterback and sack him. I think he has enough girth, fortitude, enough strength to hold a point.  He understands leverage. He understands how to use his hands and how to disengage from an offensive player to put himself in position to be involved in the tackle. I think he can become an every down in the National Football League."

Wilson talked on WWL Radio's Sports Talk Wednesday night about how Davenport became one of college football's top pass rushing prospects.

“He was a basketball player," Wilson said. "I would say he was a guy who developed. You know, a lot of people would say everybody missed on him. But I don’t know how you can say people missed when he wasn’t ready-made. It took him time and development. Fortunately, he was at a place where time was on his side and he had the time to develop. When he was a meager 210 pounds when he gets here and leaves here 265, almost 270 that’s a tremendous feat. The amazing thing is he got bigger, faster and stronger as time wore on. We saw flashes of a guy who can turn his toe and dip and go get a quarterback. He would flash but he didn’t have the girth at the time, but eventually he did."

Wilson also highlighted that Davenport's family has more reasons than most to be enthused that he landed with the Saints.

"We were excited to have a young man whose families roots are in New Orleans and Louisiana," Wilson said. "To have an opportunity to play for that organization was a tremendous feat for he and his family, and for us as a university. We were just super excited for that opportunity as well."

To hear the full audio of Wilson's interview with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic, click on the podcast link.

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