Saints engage in second spirited practice

Bobby & Deuce offer observations from minicamp day 2


Day 2 of Saints mandatory minicamp was a lively one. WWL’s Bobby Hebert and Deuce McAllister were both on-hand once again to take note of the proceedings.

In talking with Saints receivers coach Curtis Johnson, Hebert took note of Johnson’s comment that Brandon Coleman was the team’s MVP at receiver last season.

“It wasn’t surprising to me because C.J. is a hands-on coach, and Brandon Coleman is very coachable,” Hebert said. “Now he’ll do whatever the coach tells him. Go block that guy. He’s very important in the run-game. Now when he comes back, he just needs to catch the ball more consistently. Don’t have those drops. He had a good offseason last year. Now when he comes back for training camp, when he’s healthy, [Johnson] thinks Brandon will take that next step.”

Hebert also singled out three newcomers who stood out during practice.

“During first-team drill, Taylor Stallworth, a rookie out of South Carolina, would have had a sack on Taysom Hill,” Hebert said. “Then I’ve wrote his name two or three times now: Keith Kirkwood. He’s a rookie from Temple, a wide receiver. And here’s a veteran. Watch out what he does in the game. I think he was with the Packers. He had pressure in the two-minute drill – Jayrone Elliott, fourth-year guy out of Toledo. You’ve got to give them props when they are out here making plays. But that was just three individuals that I saw really make a significant play that stood out.”

As for McAllister, he made note of one most unfortunate miscue during the session.

“One thing I’m gonna get on is Ted Ginn,” McAllister said. “They had 12 men on the field. He didn’t get off. They had to get down the field and were running the field goal team onto the field, and Ted didn’t know it. So he just lined up, not paying attention. You can’t have those moments. They made the field goal, but whether it’s the end of the game or the end of the half, they lose. They don’t get those points.”

McAllister though was impressed with the lively work during the two-minute drill.

“I thought the two-minute was pretty good, understanding the situation,” McAllister said. “They eventually scored. At the end of the day it was a pretty good deal.”

McAllister also commented on the continued absence of Pro Bowl wideout Michael Thomas.

“It’s excused, so that’s one thing,” McAllister said. “Then you have to think, going back to last Thursday we saw him out here. They hadn’t had another practice before then. So it would be highly unlikely it was an injury. Normally when you say family, unless it’s good news they don’t publicize it because Cam [Jordan] had a baby, and obviously we knew about that. But Mike’s been active on social media. I’ll put that out there. So there’s got to be a pretty good reason why he’s not here with the team.”

The Saints have one more day of mandatory minicamp tomorrow. The practice will once again be open to the public, weather permitting, starting at 11am.

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