Orgeron: Nothing promised to LSU transfer QB Joe Burrow


Two weeks ago QB Joe Burrow transferred as a graduate of Ohio State to LSU. Considering the timing after Spring practice had closed for LSU, and after Myles Brennan, Lowell Narcisse and Justin McMillan were battling it out for who could be the top QB this year for the Tigers. "He was the best player available" is what Coach Orgeron said about him.

"We like Myles Brennan, we like Justin McMillan and we love Lowell Narcisse," Orgeron added.

So what made LSU go after Burrow?

"We didn't sign a QB last year, this was the best guy available. He fits the bill at quarterback but he's gotta beat out a few guys," Orgeron said.

Burrow has two seasons of eligibility and the way I look at it, he had a few other opportunities other than LSU.  Did he pick LSU because he was assured that he would be the starter come the fall?  Orgeron has a sharp rebuke for that notion.

"Y'all can say whatever y'all want to, but I know what is going on in the recruiting process. Joe was given the opportunity to compete and I think that is what won out. At LSU everyone has a chance to compete, and nothing is promised."

We visited with Coach O and touched on several position groups, and the upcoming fall season he touched on the offensive line depth being the strength of his team and more.  Listen to the interview by clicking the podcast below.  

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