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Armstead says future is bright for Davenport, Saints defense


"He's a great kid. His work ethic is gonna take him a long way."

That was Saints offensive tackle Terron Armstead's early assessment of the team's first-round draft pick Marcus Davenport, a talented pass rusher plucked from UT San Antonio whose upside and gumption has impressed his teammates.

You can certainly count Armstead in that number.

"I love him," Armstead said. "I love the kid. I love his work ethic, his attitude. He's definitely going through a learning curve right now. It's a different game for him. But he's strong. He's got a lot of power to him. He's gonna win. He's gonna beat a lot of guys. He's just got to get there more consistently."

Armstead, a six-year veteran who is considered one of the NFL's best left tackles, says no matter how many times he wins his one-on-one battle against the rookie rusher, Davenport just keeps coming.

"He loves it," Armstead said. " That's the crazy part. He loves it. Even when I beat him six, seven times in a row, he loves it. He's just going and going. For a long time, he's gonna be a force. You've got a guy that don't get down on himself. You can't really shake his confidence no matter what you do to him. That's a problem.

"I'm telling you. He's gonna be good for a long time."

Armstead went on to tell WWL's Kristian Garic that the Saints defense as a whole is looking ready to make some noise in 2018.

"It's early, but I can say this is the most competitive, energetic, lively defense since I've been here," Armstead said. "I can say that confidently. And I know it's early, and those guys have got a ton of work to do. But they're enjoying this process. We're enjoying competing against them. We feel like we're the best offense in the league when we step on the field. We feel like we give any defense a challenge, and they're challenging us."

The Saints open the 2018 NFL preseason on Thursday night, August 9, in Jacksonville against the Jaguars.


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