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WWL’s resident pros: Saints will be tested right out of the gate in 2019

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The 2019 New Orleans Saints schedule has been released. And if you ask the former members of the Saints, who populate WWL Radio’s sports staff, the Black & Gold will jump feet-first into the fire with the schedule’s opening quarter.

The Saints will host the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football to open the season, then follow that up with two straight trips to the west coast to face the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks before returning home for a Sunday night showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

Bobby Hebert says it’ll be a challenging gauntlet right out of the gate.

“That’s like the best of the best of the NFL right now when you look at the Houston Texans, where they’re at as far as the AFC South, up-and-coming,” Hebert said. “Then at the Rams, at Seattle and the ‘Cowgirls’ at home on Sunday night.  That’s tough sledding.

“I think we start 2-2.”

The Saints Radio Network’s broadcast team agreed.

“The schedule’s tough,” said Zach Strief, Saints Radio’s play-by-play man. “There’s no question about it.  That opening four is brutal.  You’ve got a short week before you head out to a west coast game against L.A., which is gonna be really difficult.  That’s gonna be a tough early test.  And obviously Saints fans want the Saints at 100% for that game. It’s good that it’s earlier in the season, and it won’t be kind of a hack job later in the year.”

Saints Radio color analyst Deuce McAllister said fans may need to temper their expectations for the start of the season, but that relief should come in the schedule’s back half.

“When you look at it, if this team is 3-5 or 4-4,” McAllister said, “I think the soft spot is really on the back end of that schedule.  It was probably flipped last year where it was that October/November we thought of as a murderers’ row.  We get the murderers’ row on the front end this time.”

The three WWL resident pros discussed the schedule Wednesday night on WWL Radio’s Sports Talk shortly after the official schedule reveal.

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