Saints' Jordan: Steelers game most important "because it's next"


The Saints have a chance to wrap up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs if they can manage a victory this Sunday when the Steelers visit the Superdome. But that's not what makes this weekend's matchup so important, according to Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan.

"When you talk about what happens this week, you can’t put much more of an emphasization on it other than this is the most important game because it’s the next game," Jordan said. "Now what it has for ramifications in the playoffs, I’m sure it has a lot. But we’re focusing on what is exactly in front of us, and because of that, it’s easy to assess exactly what we have to do."

Jordan spoke about the matchup while appearing on the Players Show on WWL Radio Thursday night, and he discussed how dangerous Pittsburgh's offense can be if not reined in, especially if their young star running back is back in the lineup.

"If James Conner plays," Jordan said, "he’s been running pretty hard. For everything that the Steelers are – they’re usually a hard-nosed, downhill-running team – they’ve sort of gotten away from running the ball a lot. So you know that’s definitely gonna be an emphasis, especially if he’s able to come back. That’s something that we have to be aware of. That’s something we’ve got to take over and really try and make them a one-dimensional team. When you talk about that one dimension being the passing game, they’ve got a special receiving corps. I don’t know if that’s the way we wanna go, but we’re gonna have a game-plan set in motion for them.

"So when you talk about everything that they bring to the table and what they’re able to do on the field, they’re talented. It’s one of the more talented backfields that you’re gonna see."

Jordan also addressed the sudden realization by some corners of the media in the last few weeks that this Saints defense is no longer the pushover it was just a few short years ago.

"What’s there to talk about?" Jordan said. "The proof is in the pudding. Honestly, I’ve been talking about my guys and their growth over the last couple of years, and they’re finally getting the recognition that they so rightfully deserve. When you talk about Sheldon Rankins and what he’s done, I wouldn’t put him before anybody in this league the way he’s been playing, the pressure he’s been creating. It’s been a blast getting after quarterbacks with him."

Jordan and the Saints host the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday at 3:25pm. WWL's pregame coverage starts at 11am. You can hear the full audio of the Players Show by clicking the podcast link.


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