New LSU AD Woodward ready to facilitate success


Scott Woodward’s overarching philosophy as the new athletic director at Louisiana State University, according to his own words, is to give his coaches the tools to succeed and watch them shine.

“I’m very transparent. I very much let my folks do their work,” Woodward said. “I like to let the folks do their job and do it well and do what they do. I have high expectations for accountability in the job that they do… and I stay on it pretty hard. That’s how I manage for the most part.”

Woodward appeared on WWL Radio’s Sports Talk Tuesday afternoon and told Kristian Garic that he’s looking forward to learning how best to aid LSU’s sports programs to fuel their continued development.

“We’re really going to have to drill down and see where we as an administration can help our coaches,” Woodward said. “Coach O and Coach Wade and Coach Mainieri in the big three sports, but all of our sports. And just see how we can help them to do greater and better things. That’s what we’re here to do is support them.”

As far as LSU’s most recent controversy, Woodward says simply, “He has my 100% support. He’s our coach. That’s the way I approach these things.”

You can hear the full audio of Woodward’s interview on Sports Talk by clicking the podcast link.

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