NBA reporter: Pelicans could be a top 4 team in the Western Conference….next season!


We are counting down till NBA free agency opens this weekend to see what the Pelicans are going to do as they continue to rebuild the roster around Zion Williamson. Brad Botkin of CBS Sports joined Sports Talk and feels the team will be better next season, even though they dealt away All-Star Anthony Davis to the Lakers.

“The Pelicans are incredible shape,” says Botkin. “I think they are better next year, forget the future. I think they are better next year without Anthony Davis, as crazy as that sounds. And, somehow they are in position to have max contract space.”

The Pelicans currently have around $30 million dollars in cap space to spend in free agency. Botkin continued to gush over the job that new Executive VP David Griffin has done with the franchise.

“It’s just been incredible, all the future assets and then to still have max space,” said Botkin. “There is a lot of guys that they can go after. They really don’t have now a position of need. They drafted at center with Jaxson Hayes but they could go after a big man. If they could lure Al Horford, this is a team that could legitimately be a top 4 team in the Western Conference.”

Click above to listen to the interview in its entirety

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