LISTEN: Rickey Jackson says an 18 game schedule is too much football


Rickey Jackson underwent brain surgery back in November and we got a chance to check-in with the Hall-of-Fame linebacker before Saints training camp kicks-off next week.  The 61 year old is doing well, running a construction company along with a gas truck that delivers to 100+ stores daily.

Bobby & Kristian chatted with him about the NFL’s latest idea. An 18 game NFL schedule, but players would only take part in 16 of the 18 contests.

“I just think 18 games is too much football,” said Jackson. “The owners want to do that because you know how many millions and millions of dollars they can make off those 2 games?”

Jackson also talked about the Saints coming back from last year’s debacle in the Superdome. He noted you cannot let a team hang around like the Rams were able to do in the NFC championship and allow the referees to have an effect on the game.  Jackson still sees the Black & Gold as a major force in the NFC in 2019 and expects them to have a 12-4 record.

To hear the entire interview with Jackson click above


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