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Ingram's departure continues to draw surprise around the league


Mark Ingram's exit from New Orleans continues to be a topic of conversation in the Big Easy and around the league. During his appearance on WWL Radio's Sports Talk Thursday afternoon, NFL Insider Ross Tucker said he was a bit surprised at the deal Baltimore got in signing Ingram.

"The way the running back market unfolded, you could have Mark Ingram and (former Atlanta Falcon) Tevin Coleman," Tucker said. "Let's say you're the Eagles and you have a bad running back situation, right? You could have brought in Ingram AND Coleman and still have 3 1/2 to 4 million dollars less than what the Jets gave Le'Veon Bell.

"I wonder, if you ask Mark Ingram, if he'd rather be in New Orleans for 4 million or Baltimore for 5 million, I bet you he'd rather be in New Orleans."

Tucker also dove back into the infamous NOLA No-Call and discussed whether or not it's prudent to make a big splash signing in the first days of free agency. You can hear the full audio of Tucker's appearance on Sports Talk by clicking the podcast link.

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