Deuce sounds off on Mark Ingram not staying a Saint


Losing running back Mark Ingram in free agency still stings a bit for many Saints fans. It became a bit tougher to swallow following Sean Payton's comments at the NFL's annual league meeting

“It happened pretty quickly,” Payton said.

“Look, I’m excited for Mark’s opportunity. He’s been a tremendous, tremendous player for us and leader for us. It was frustrating because I felt there was little dialogue. At least usually, I’m able to visit with the player, and I wasn’t able to, so the ins and outs specifically to how that unfolded still to me are a little bit cloudy. Tried texting him, tried calling him, direct message. He texted me back, and then the next day we weren’t able to speak.”

In the end, Ingram ended up inking a deal with the Ravens.  WWL's Deuce McAllister sounded off on #22 being in Baltimore now. 

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