Brees on what to expect from Steelers D: pressure


When it comes to this week's Saints opponent, quarterback Drew Brees says he knows what to expect from the Steelers defense: a style and philosophy that's always worked in Pittsburgh.

"They’ve done I think an exceptional job up front of getting pressure on the quarterback," Brees said. "That’s what they do. I feel like they’ve always been that way. Whether it’s the 2008 Steelers or 20 years ago, you feel like it’s always been that same style. 3-4 defense. Big, strong, stout defensive linemen. Big, strong, stout linebackers. Really versatile. They’re all pass rushers. They call can rush the passer. They all can defend the run. They can just do so many things. I think their style of defense, their brand of defense is very aggressive, a lot of pressure and just a lot of movement. That’s just something we’ve got to be ready for – the multiple looks and the pressure packages and just being ready to operate efficiently."

Brees made the comments during his weekly "QB To QB" chat with Bobby Hebert on WWL Radio Wednesday night. Brees was also asked about the possibility of getting deep threat Ted Ginn Jr. back from injured reserve.

"He’s obviously a big-time player who’s really made some big plays for us over the last year-and-a-half in some big games," Brees said of Ginn. "A veteran guy who obviously knows this system and knows his role really well. I just look forward to at least working with him again. I know it’s been a while, but I know he’s excited to see what he can bring, but if we were able to get him back, that would be great."

Of course, other members of the Saints' receiving corps have had to step up in the absence of veteran targets like Ginn and Cameron Meredith. Brees talked about working rookies like Tre'Quan Smith and Keith Kirkwood into the game-plan.

"It’s a learning process, I think, with those guys each and every week," Brees said. "We’re continuing to expand on the game-plan and the things that we’re asking them to do. I don’t’ think any moment has been too big for those guys. I think all of them have risen to the occasion when they’ve been asked to. But still, it’s a lot on their plate from week to week. So I think the biggest thing for me is just instilling confidence in them, letting them know where I expect them to be, the timing of things. We work on it in practice, then obviously game-time rolls around and as things are happening I just try to be a great communicator with them and instill confidence in them."

Brees and the Saints host the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday afternoon at 3:25 on WWL. Our coverage starts that morning at 11. You can hear the full audio of "QB To QB" by clicking the podcast link.


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