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Brees on the secret to the Saints' success: possessing the football


With the Saints sitting idle this week and awaiting this weekend's first-round of the playoffs to learn who their divisional round opponent will be, they have some time for self-evaluation, analyzing what's worked and what hasn't this season.

One area where the Saints excelled was time-of-possession. The Black and Gold ranked first in the NFL in holding onto the football, and that's a major step towards victory in any game, according to quarterback Drew Brees.

"If you're possessing the ball, you're doing a lot of things right," Brees said. "In most cases, it means you're running the ball well because you're controlling the clock. The clock's running. You're possessing it. You're probably getting first downs, scoring points. You're allowing your defense to be well-rested when they go out on the field. So it's complementary football. That's a winning formula."

Brees made the comments during his weekly "QB To QB" segment with Bobby Hebert on WWL Radio Wednesday night. Brees also discussed how, as teams enter the playoffs, the sense of urgency ramps up even higher than normal.

"You're in that time of the year where whatever it takes," Brees said. "Guys are trying to maximize every rep, every opportunity they can. Whether it's getting extra reps on scout team to fill those spots, whether it's getting extra time in on Monday or Tuesday when those are supposed to be slower days, this is the time of year where we want to be our best, to be as prepared as we possibly can, and guys are gonna do what they need to do to be that way."

Brees and the Saints get this weekend off. They next take the field Sunday, January 13, hosting a divisional round playoff game in the Superdome. They could host either the Cowboys, Seahawks, or Eagles. You can hear more of "QB To QB" by clicking the podcast link.

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