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Brees: Bridgewater finding his comfort zone


Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater continues to raise his game week after week as he plays in place of the injured Drew Brees, and for his part, Brees himself couldn’t be happier.

He also demurred Wednesday night when asked about his role in coaching Bridgewater up in practice and on the gameday sideline.

“I wish I could take credit, man,” Brees laughed. “Teddy’s a hard-working guy, and he continues to get better and better. Obviously, he’s finding his comfort zone as well.”

Bridgewater had a very Brees-like stat line against Tampa Bay in his most recent outing: 26 for 34, 314 yards, four touchdown passes.

“It was fun to watch all that hard work that’s been taking place for a long time, especially over the last few weeks, begin to take form,” Brees said. “And to have some opportunities to push the ball down the field as well. Going into that game, we felt like we had some good “shot” opportunities, and it was jus thoping that we got the right looks. And sure enough we did, and Teddy made some great throws, and guys made some great plays all the way around.”

Brees made his comments on Bridgewater’s upward trajectory during his weekly appearance on WWL Radio’s “QB To QB” segment with Bobby Hebert.

As far as when Brees thinks he can be back on the field, he can’t pin that down just yet. He says this is uncharted territory when it comes to sports medicine.

“No NFL quarterback has ever had this surgery done on his throwing hand with the internal brace and that kind of thing,” Brees said. “As far as a rehab perspective, we’re fast-tracking this thing as fast as we can and trying to kind of pave the way with it.”

Brees is not expected to be under center this weekend though, meaning it’ll be Bridgewater once again leading the Saints offense as they try to win a fourth straight contest. The Saints battle the Jaguars in Jacksonville this Sunday at noon on WWL. Our coverage starts at 8 that morning. You can hear the rest of “QB To QB” by clicking the podcast link.

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