Bobby Hebert says the NFL should be ashamed about the no call penalty


You think you’re mad, hurt, outraged about the Saints loss to the Rams, because of the “no call” pass interference penalty? The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert is FUMING!  “That official needs to move out of the United States!  Who cares about the league calling an apologizing to the Saints!  This isn’t a regular season game, this is the damn Super Bowl on the line,” shouted the Cajun Cannon.

The founding father of the Who Dat Nation couldn’t contain himself after the Saints 26-23 overtime loss to the Saints.   He called out the official, “Did you get all tight or something?  You cannot miss that!   You can’t! Not with what is on the line.  The NFL should be ashamed of themselves,” continued an infuriated Hebert. 

The conspiracy theorists are running wild; suggesting that the league wants big markets to play in their biggest game.   Listen to Bobby’s full rant on the game below.


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