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Attorney: LHSAA investigation of Andrew Robison is negligent


The Andrew Robison saga continues.

David Moyer, an attorney for the Robison family, filed a temporary restraining order in St. Charles Parish, making Robison immediately eligible to play.  Moyer joined Kristian Garic on Sports Talk to discuss this latest development.

“We filed a lawsuit against LHSAA, Vandebilt, Coach Jeremy Atwell, and Hahnville High School asking for a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, and also other damages related to other things related to this situation.”

This is a unique situation.  How does the lawsuit protect Hahnville High School?

“Technically, right now, Andrew [Robison] is eligible.  The court has vacated LHSAA’s decision, so he has immediate eligibility.  And Hahnville is ordered to comply with that determination.  So if we were ultimately to lose [the lawsuit]…then Hahnville would be protected from further sanction from the LHSAA.”

Garic reached out to the LHSAA for a comment, and they provided the following.

“We’ve heard of a temporary restraining order filed by an attorney who represents the Robison family but not Hahnville High School.  As far as we know, the next legal step is third party arbitration.”

Moyer feels strongly about this case, doing it pro bono.  What drew him to it?

“My son is on the Hahnville High School football team.  My oldest son played for Coach Salt[aformaggio], so I have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach Salt…I watched Andrew practice all summer, and I saw the talent he is.  I saw the player he is…Someone’s got to help this kid, so that’s why I got involved.”

With the ordeal dragging through September, Moyer expressed a willingness to settle.

“We’ve been trying to reach out to them.  I know Hahnville has been trying to reach out to them, and they repeatedly tell us that we should have done this three months ago.  Well, that’s the big issue.  The bylaws don’t allow it; and the bylaws require a hearing, which they never held.”

When it comes down to it, Moyer says, the goal simply is to get Robison on t he field.

“Andrew just wants to be able to play ball. That’s all we want to do.  We want to play ball.  You back someone into a corner and leave them with few options, and this is what happens.”

Moyer did not mince words, referring to the LHSAA as a “bully” and criticizing how the organization handled its investigation.

“[LHSAA Executive Director] Eddie Bonine says LHSAA does not train their investigators whatsoever.  There’s no training, and they conducted a haphazard investigation of this case.

“It’s like they have their own secret rules that aren’t written down.”

Listen to the entire interview below.

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