Would LSU fans support Scott Woodward if he fires Will Wade?

Seth Dunlap
May 02, 2019 - 8:02 pm

Throughout Thursday afternoon and evening I was visiting with different groups of friends and LSU fans talking life and sports.  When the topic turned to LSU, the subject quickly shifted to the Will Wade saga and the cloud that currently looms over the basketball program.

Full disclosure: most of these people are dyed-in-purple LSU fans, many are alumni of the great school and were willing to vigorously debate why they believe Wade should remain employed by LSU.  That was no surprise, as I am well aware of the minority status I currently enjoy in regards to my stance on Wade, and the corruption currently plaguing college basketball.  

There is something that did surprise me, however.  Within our discussions around Wade I asked each of these people whether they would trust new athletic director Scott Woodward to make the final decision on Wade, and if they would back Woodward if he does decide it's in the best interests of the program and university to move on from Wade.   The unanimous response, in my admittedly very unscientific poll of LSU fans, was a resounding yes: they'd trust Woodward.  Every person said if Woodward decided LSU needed to part ways with Wade, they'd support him -- even if some would more begrudgingly do so.

That was certainly an eye opener.  Woodward is perhaps the only person associated with LSU that has the current cache' and political capital to execute a severance between the basketball program and their embattled head coach without another revolt from the fan base and alumni.  With LSU recently making changes to Wade's contract, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise if Woodward does just that.

What do you think?  If Woodward decides to fire Will Wade in the midst of the still-growing scandal, would you support him.  Even if you are believe Wade should keep his job, do you trust Woodward enough to defer to, and trust, his judgment on this if it happens?  Leave your comments below, or tweet me @SethDunlap, I'd love to know your thoughts.

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