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Teddy Bridgewater gets shot at his old team on Friday

The Saints play the Vikings at the Superdome on Friday night

Seth Dunlap
August 07, 2019 - 2:38 pm

Saints vs. Vikings.  How many times have we heard that over the last few seasons?  Well, Friday will mark the fourth time in under three calendar years the the teams meet on the field.  That includes two regular season game, and one fateful postseason game in Minneapolis.

Teddy Bridgewater knows about this budding rivalry well, having played on both sides of it during that time.  Bridgewater was drafted by the Vikings in 2014, and played in Minnesota through the 2017 season.  The Jets then signed him the following offseason, but he was traded to the Saints late in preseason last year, before playing a regular season game in New York.  

While the Saints played the Vikings in Week 8 last season, a 30-20 New Orleans win, Bridgewater didn't see any action -- certainly not surprising for any quarterback behind Drew Brees on the depth chart.  This Friday, when the two teams meet in their first preseason game of 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, that will change.  Bridgewater is expected to see plenty of action against his former squad.

"It will be fun.  Those guys know me, I know those guys,"  he said.  "When I used to go against those guys they couldn't touch me.  Now the red jersey's off.  Just looking forward to seeing those guys and competing against those guys."

Vikings' coach Mike Zimmer said he won't be treating Bridgewater differently from any other quarterback they face.  Zimmer expects his defense to go out there and hit the quarterback.   

"That's the expectations.  I don't expect them to take it easy or anything," Bridgewater said, deflecting a question from a Vikings beat reporter if he felt challenged by Zimmer's comments.  

In fact, Bridgewater made a point to explain his fond memories of his time in Minneapolis and with the Vikings organization.  

"There are great people in the state of Minnesota.  I enjoyed my team there, and I'm enjoying my time here now."

Bridgewater has been performing better in practice recently, seeming more comfortable with the burdensome playbook and offense quarterbacks are expected to manage in Sean Payton's system.  He stood out in practice this week when Brees was given a veteran's day off.

"It was one of my best practices that I've had, minus last year when I would give the defense headaches on the scout team," he chuckled. "The ball was barely hitting the ground like you said."

It's no surprise he's more acclimated here than he was a season ago.  He's had a full year to learn the offense and become more familiar with the nuances of the system.

"The level of comfort is a little higher.  Last year I got here the day of the last preseason game.  I was listening to the play calls on the sideline.  I didn't know what was going on.  Now, having a year under my belt, I can say that the comfort level is growing with the system.  I understand why we're calling what plays, and what we're trying to accomplish with certain plays."

The Saints and Vikings play on Friday at 7:00 p.m.  Watch Bridgewater's full post-practice comments in the video below.

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